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Our products are:

 ALL natural ingredients
 NO preservatives
 NO pesticides
 NO artificial sweetners
 Gluten FREE
 Diabetic friendly
 NO diet
 NO meal replacements

Add Water, Stir & Enjoy!

Sachets of SlimRoast Coffee can be enjoyed by adding it into a boiling cup of water, every morning.

SlimRoast Coffee



Don't like Coffee?

No problem!
We have Trim Juice which can be enjoyed in a cold
glass of water, every morning.

Trim Sachet




Choose between 2 flavours: The Italian Roast or The Brazilian Roast

 Reduces appetite

 Promotes healthy brain function

 Burns fat

 Boosts metabolism Trim Sachet

 Reduces sugar cravings

 Burns stored fat

 Elevates mood

 Promotes alertness/focus

 Packed with antioxidants


A lovely tropical Flavour.

 Proprietary formula

 Healthy weight management

 ALL Natural

 Burns fat & stored fat Trim Sachet

 Boosts metabolism

 Detoxifies the body






Fruit Juice Sachet or Coffee Sachet you can decide!Order Now

Use the SlimRoast Coffee and the Trim together.
A hot coffee in the morning and a cool trim in the afternoon and evening.



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